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Benefits of adding liquorice in your skincare ingredient

Liquorice consumption in the present-day went beyond the candy aisle and used to serve soft yet brightening benefits to the skin.

Most of us have a memory of liquorice which is a pungent candy that many of us loved or hated in our childhood days. The plant from which liquorice is consumed is named Glycyrrhiza glabra, which states sweet root in the Greek language. In traditional Chinese medicine, liquorice is known as their fundamental herb; this medicinal herb was initially found in Egypt in King Tut’s Tomb. Scientists most recently discovered that the extract of the Licorice root improves product consistency as well as accelerates and allows the skincare products to deliver its benefits to the skin.

 Full of antioxidants to slow down the ageing process

 Liquorice root is full of different varieties of beneficial compounds, which do everything, starting from delivering the antioxidants in order to reduce the ageing procedure for healing inflammation to reducing the dark spots. Traditionally, the liquorice root was utilized for mitigating vast health issues, such as liver, lung, kidney and circulatory diseases.

Protects your skin from UV rays

Liquorice acts as a shield for your skin and protects you from sun damage; one of the prime elements which are there in liquorice is glabridin, which acts as an aid to prevent your skin from discolouration. As the Doctors stated that ultraviolet rays are the main reason for skin discolouration; as liquorice contains glabridin, the glabridin holds the essential enzymes which block the UV rays and prevent skin damage.

 Change in skin colour is an absolute myth, but the brightness of skin can be achieved.

Liquorice has the ability to reverse hyperpigmentation; as for the skin, the hyperpigmentation condition leads to dark skin patches and makes the skin look uneven in texture and tone. Liquorice is one of the best natural ingredients for skin brightening. Liquorice is known to have a wonderful soothing effect on the skin, which helps to ease inflammation.

Liquorice protects by strengthening skin through a defence mechanism.

As licochalcone A is a prime ingredient of liquorice root. The licochalcone A helps the skin to produce higher levels of essential antioxidants, which strengthen the skin through the defence mechanism, fortifying skin defences and protecting it from UV damage. Additionally, liquorice root extract helps in regulating the oil production of the skin and delays the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

 Liquorice boasts a vast number of essential ingredients as well as properties that could give your skin deep care and love, especially when it’s about glamour, brightness and protection.


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