Benefits of buying standing desks for your office

If you work in an office it is pretty common for you to sit in one place and work for the whole day in front of your computer. It is an unhealthy practice to sit and work for longer durations. Any physician can tell you how it is correlated with back pain and a loss in productivity. For this reason, standing desks are becoming extremely popular and are being used in many offices to avoid pain, and discomfort and maximize production.

Standing desks are getting quite popular these days. Many businesses are using them as it has great benefits and there are many options to choose from. There are many health benefits of using standing desks and some of them are discussed below.

Increases productivity

Standing desks are height adjustable and are also called sit-stand desks. These are ergonomic as they provide efficiency and comfort in the working space. It promotes an active work style by making you shift in positions like sitting and standing. It has been observed that employees who worked while standing were 46% more productive than others. If you work while standing it enhances your cognitive abilities and better attention span.

Burn calories

It is vastly acknowledged that standing desks help in calorie burn and weight loss. Sitting for long hours at your workplace promotes weight gain because you need to move to burn your calories. Standing desks makes you stand and work which also makes a big difference in your calorie burn. Exercise is important but standing on your feet is better than sitting in terms of calorie burn.

Reduce neck and back pain

People who work in an office where it requires sitting and working for a long period of time have neck and back pain majorly. At some point in their lives, they get back and neck pain which is a concerning issue. According to research, if you stand on your feet for a few hours a day will help your upper back pain. Standing desks provide you the chance to work while standing and taking care of your physical health simultaneously.

Increase energy level

Aside from being beneficial for your back and productivity standing desks also boost your mood and energy level. If you work while standing, it keeps you energized and active in a certain way as you don’t feel lethargic. It was also tested on some employees by replacing their seats with standing desks for a month and they felt more energized and it enhanced their mood also.

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