Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Benefits of free hand exercises

In today’s modern era, people like to lead a sedentary life stuck with their screens but the body needs physical movements to stay healthy and fit which gets neglected due to this lifestyle. Choose free hand exercise if you feel lethargic or do not want to spend a bomb in equipment.

Push-ups: This free hand exercise helps one to build upper body as well as strengthens core, including spinal cord and chest. Push-ups are mostly free hand exercise meant to be done for the chest. It also enhances blood flow in the entire body.

Plank: It is an exercise for abdominal and core exercise, also known as hover exercise. It makes the core stronger and more stable that prevents serious injury as well as good for biceps and triceps as well.

Squats: These exercises are for strengthening the butt, thighs and hips muscle as they are great at improving the flexibility of the lower body part. To do this easy exercise at home, stand tall, bend your knees and hinge your hips while lowering the body as if one is sitting on a low chair.

Crunches: Ab crunches mainly help to burn fat composed in the lower body part and also helps to build abs muscle. During this exercise one needs to fix their legs and back while pulling their head and reaching the abs. Crunches help to burn the lower fat very quickly if one remains consistent.

Skipping: It is one of the best free hand exercises that quickly brings the heart rate up and also helps to reduce weight fast. It is basically done with jump rope or also by swinging the arms in rotational motion while jumping. It is also a great exercise for arms for those who want to reduce flabby arms.

Running: Always try to add hills or wind sprints to achieve better results as well as alternate with low and high-intensity workouts. It is a kind of exercise that burns calories, strengthens heart and lungs and also tones muscles.

Leg lifts: In order to do this, lie down on your back and focus on lifting your leg straight up as far as you go. This works to build strong abs and add muscle to the calf.

Side bends: Achieve those perfect love handles with this particular exercise and lose fat alongside with perfect bend.

Now you can burn calories and get a toned figure just using your bare hands in your home or park.