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Benefits of mixing vinegar with baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are important items of home hygiene now. They were used separately for a long period of time if you combine them, the result is miraculous.

Here are the benefits of mixing vinegar with baking soda.


Both baking soda and vinegars are used to clean various objects. Baking soda is an important part of home hygiene now. After the inception of internet and growing culture of watching videos on YouTube, people are now aware of the benefits of the two items. Baking soda is used to clean furniture and other types of clothes. On the other hand, vinegar is also used to clean kitchen slab, sinks and stubborn plagues. When you combine them together, they produce heat and gas. Their combination can be deadly and therefore they should be kept away from the children. However, they are quite useful and they help in removing stubborn stains from nearly every time you own in your house.


Many people know the fact that baking soda is used to make crispier pakodas but do you know that together they are used to marinate too. In fact, vinegar is an important part of Italian cuisine and it is mixed with baking soda before its use.

Unclogging the shower and taps

One of the useful benefits of mixing vinegar with baking soda is they help in unclogging the shower and taps. You can mix these two and put your tap or shower in their mixture for an hour. They will not open the closed holes but will also remove the dirt present in them.

Coconut vinegar

This vinegar is prepared from the sap of coconut palm and it is sharp, acetic, potent and slightly yeasty. It carries a slight smell of coconut and is widely used in the Thai curries and with some South Indian dishes too as it gives authentic Asian flavours. It contains probiotics, nutrients and helps fight sugar by lowering blood sugar levels.

Rice vinegar

This pale yellow vinegar is made from rice wine and it is sweeter than other vinegars. This vinegar is less acidic which is why it is used best with delicate vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes. It is also used in many other dips, sauces and for marination purpose. It also improves immunity and heart health.

Sugarcane vinegar

Sugarcane vinegar is prepared or produced with the fermentation of sugar cane. It provides acidic flavours to the food and is suitable for the salads, meats and preparing cold sauces and is widely used for the preservation of the food. It is rich in antioxidants, boosts the immune system, digestive system and also helps in losing weight.

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