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Benefits of performing yoga in mountains

Yoga is one of the things that is undergoing various changes in the fast-paced 21st century. After every few days, we see a new form of yoga on the internet, ranging from hot yoga to beer yoga. It is interesting to note that all these new variants of yoga are performed indoors. Modern yogis and trainers find it more suitable to practise yoga indoors due to the lack of resources and time. However, there are many health-related benefits of practising yoga in nature which are proven by science.

Since its inception, yoga has been practised in either mountains or forests for several years. Its advantages were first mentioned in Vedas, but after the age of globalization, productive members of society living in a constantly busy world find it easier to practice it at home. Gurus were first replaced by DVDs and then by smartphones and the internet. That being said, one cannot deny the fact that in this task-focused world, doing yoga at home or a gym is far more convenient than doing it close to nature.

It increases Prana

Prana is a forward-moving life force which you inhale. It flows through your body and provides you with energy. Yoga is based on the phrase ‘As above so below’, and it describes the relationship of the human body with the sky and earth. Sun is an essential source of prana and its flow increases in the sunlight. An uninterrupted flow of prana inside the body not only provides the required energy but it helps in maintaining the flow of blood too.

It provides Vitamin D

If you practice yoga under the morning rays of the sun, you will get the necessary Vitamin D which is known for promoting physical and mental health. Ancient yoga wisdom suggests that practising yoga under the sun boosts immunity and helps in cognitive development, something which is proved by science later. Increased levels of Vitamin D in the body reduce anxiety and promote fertility. In fact, practising yoga under the sun helps in dealing with social media addiction as it brings more self-awareness and lowers depression.

Lower risk of cancer

Nature is filled with various healing properties. Practising yoga bare feet on grass helps absorb the electrons from the earth, which balances the electromagnetic strength. When we practice yoga in nature with bare feet, our body soaks the healing power from the ground, and it helps in reducing the risks of various diseases, including cancer. Also, doing Surya Namaskar and Prayanam on the grass helps in producing more white blood cells in the body and keeps sugar levels in check.

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