Benefits Of Practicing Fitness Boxing

Get the benefits of the boxing sport without actually having to take the punches.

Fitness boxing is the adapted version of the boxing sport where you don’t get into a punching work with a partner. Instead, you throw punches into the air or at a punching bag under the supervision of a trainer in class. You can follow the movements of your trainer accompanied by some bouncy music just like you do in an aerobic class. There’s also some strength training involved in fitness boxing where you stretch and hit a punching bag. Here are some of the benefits of practicing fitness boxing.

Improves Hand Eye Coordination

Fitness boxing involves a lot of fast movements. You practice following a rhythm and the movements of your hands and eyes have to be extremely fast. This helps in improving the hand eye coordination and increasing your alertness. You are constantly on your toes whether you are playing in defense of in the attacking position. This increases your mind’s alertness while also improving the hand eye coordination.

Boosts Endurance

Fitness boxing is a high intensity workout. There are a lot of air punches and kicks involved that really make your body work for it. Fitness boxing incorporates some cardio movements along with intense strength training. As a result, your body’s endurance capacity and stamina are improved. Fitness training can also improve your ability to handle injuries. It improves your balance and keeps the risks of injuries reduced.

Strengthens The Upper Body And The Core

Since there is a lot of strength training involved in fitness boxing, it helps is strengthening your core and the upper body muscles. It targets the muscles of your quads, glutes, triceps and abdominal muscles. The high intensity strength training that is a part of fitness boxing makes way for a healthier and stronger core and upper body. It also increases your muscle mass and makes way for a strong and fit body.

Improves Posture

Practicing fitness boxing everyday will improve your posture readily. Since a lot of the techniques used in the boxing sport are applied in fitness boxing, it targets the upper body keeping the posture correct. Moreover, techniques used in boxing or fitness boxing calls for keeping a correct and upright posture to be able to plant the moves. Evidently, your posture will be effectively improved on taking up fitness boxing as a regular workout routine.

Urbee Sarkar

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