Benefits of storytelling to kids

Sharing stories and singing everyday helps your kids develop in many ways. Eventually every kid loves to hear various kinds of stories from their parents and grandparents. So do tell stories to properly capture the difference between reality and a dreamy world.

Sharing stories to gather knowledge: Different kinds of stories, talking to them and singing helps children to know words, sounds and language that leads to developing early literacy skills.

Learn the importance of education:  Kids learn to value stories and books as parents teach them words and along with that understand the meaning of every single sentence. Besides that, it also sparks up your child’s imagination and stimulates curiosity of learning new things.

Develops ability of concentration: Storytelling and songs to sleep helps to develop a child’s brain and along with that enhance ability to focus on particular things, concentration as well as social and communication skills. Early literacy is one of the beneficial facts that took place before mature age.

Difference between real and make-believe: Children come to understand the major differences between real and reel world as stories give that glimpse with imaginary endingAlongside, it is also true that children get confused with the real world and the imaginary one because of stories but it is also for their own good.

Understanding frightening events: Learning strong emotions and understanding new or old frightening events that come with them are very hard to digest but children adapt very maturely just by believing in stories.

Learn Culture: The understanding of culture and emotions of other people that comes from stories only. Most of the people who are good at telling stories are named as a good model for using books and languages. The idea of educating kids through storytelling is more beneficial than reading books at a very young age.

When to read, sing and tell stories: Bed time, on the train, bath time any time is good for telling stories. The idea of telling stories takes them to another level of joy and happiness. If you guys do not have books all the time, not to worry, just make up a story and narrate. There are even other ways to share letters, words with your child like clothing, making signs and posters by pointing out the same letters present in your child’s name.

Libraries also act as a source to offer story times to your children, give a different vibe and also enhance the learning chances.

Elisa Ghosh

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