Published By: Sougata Dutta

Benefits Of Western Toilet: Advantages of using Commode

Toileting is a very important biological function of humans.

It is not possible for a person to stay healthy without going to the toilet regularly. There was a time when people defecated in the open. But with the progress of civilization it changed, people got used to using toilets. Western countries were ahead in this regard. The use of toilets in eastern countries started much later.

There are mainly two types of toilets people use in India nowadays. One is the Indian toilet, and another is the western toilet- the commode system.Those who are habituated with Indian toilets find it difficult to use the commode. But there are positive benefits of using it.

  • It is a chair-like set up, so one can sit upon it easily.
  • It is the doctors' first choice.
  • It has a flush system along with it.
  • It is easy to clean.

For people with Arthritis and Gout

People who have health issues like Arthritis and Gout, find it difficult to use the Indian toilet as they need to bend down their legs to sit over there. Western toilets come with a great solution for them. The chair-like structure of a commode gives support for sitting and provides comfort to the people with Arthritis and Gouts. Even the doctors prescribe it.

For old-age people

People, after getting old, become weaker, especially the women, especially in third world countries like India. Most of the old people suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure issues, low bone strength and weakness. So, using an Indian toilet becomes problematic to them. Western toilets bring great comfort to them and make their lives easier. Doctors always suggest that old people use western toilets.

For the pregnant women

Western toilets have brought revolutionary development in pregnancy care. During pregnancy, it is very difficult to use Indian toilets. It can affect the baby and the mother both, very badly. So, it is better to use western toilets in such cases. Western toilets give them the scope to sit easily and comfortably and ensure their good health. Though, it is not that much easily available in the villages till now, it should be given more importance.

For the piles and fistula patients

As the doctors say, people suffering piles and fistula, and even constipation, should use western toilets to avoid further pain. Indian toilets can make the situation worse in case of these diseases. So, it is better to use commode if one has any of these diseases.