Bermuda Triangle – Some facts, theories and mystery surrounding this Enigmatic place

The most mysterious place on the earth, Bermuda Triangle has baffled scientist and masses alike. Let’s know more about the enigma surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

The western part of the Atlantic Ocean, the area, falling between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico is known as Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s triangle. This area’s claim to fame is that it is believed that ships and aircraft disappear mysteriously in this area. This legend was further strengthened by writers writing books about the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

The mysterious disappearances

No one knows the exact number of disappearance, but it is believed that about 50 ships and 20 aircraft have disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. USS Cyclops, a coal ship from U.S.A vanished in 1918 with 306 passengers on board.  Another famous disappearance that prompted writers like Vincent Gaddis and George Sand to write best-seller books on the Bermuda Triangle. It was the case of “Lost Squadron” or disappearance of flight 19. Five navy planes were never heard of again while taking their routine flight from Fort Lauderdale.

Theories for disappearance

Some of the few theories that are linked with the disappearances range from scientific explanations to Paranormal. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Weather

It is believed that it is the storms that are a cause of these mysterious vanishing of ships and aircraft. Sometimes when storms come across all direction, give rise to a rogue wave, which is one of the most dangerous sea phenomena.

2.Methane Gas eruption

Another notable theory regarding these disappearances is also linked with the presence of methane gas in the shelf-sea. A lab experiment proved that Methane gas could indeed make ship sink very quickly and without any forecast.

  1. Paranormal Activities

The writers on this subject have given rise to many legends regarding “the triangle”. Some believe it is the work of Aliens and UFOs. Some take into account of Columbus’s strange sighting in this area and link it to the mysterious island of Atlantis. The fabled tales about Bermuda triangle never seem to end.

Counter theories

Many experts believe in adding a sense of adventure and mystery people over-exaggerate the incidents. There is a number of cruises, ships and aircraft regularly pass through this area without harm. According to them, it has always been such a busy route that the statics of ships vanishing is high.

After all, said and done the Bermuda Triangle will continue to intrigue us. Whether it is truly cursed or another manufactured fable, only time will tell.

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