Best AMT SUVs Under INR 10 Lakh

The Indian car industry comprises several affordable AMT SUVs under INR 10 lakh

India is indeed a price-sensitive market where even in 2021, buying a car is considered a luxury. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing an SUV with an AMT setup; many buyers feel reluctant to visit the showrooms. Thankfully, a few manufacturers have identified the mindset of the Indian purchasers who prefer more in lesser amount and thus, they have launched a number of SUVs with AMT setup which are easy on the pocket. For those SUV enthusiasts who are on a tight budget, here’s a list of SUVs with AMT under INR 10 lakh.

Tata Nexon- Produced by Indian manufacturer Tata, the Nexon has proved its mettle in the SUV segment under INR 10 lakh. The Tata Nexon SUV is available in three AMT variants. The XMA petrol variant is priced at INR 8.60 lakh whereas the XMA (S) bears a tag of INR 9.12 lakh and the XMA diesel is sold at INR 9.93 lakh. The engine of the Nexon varies from 1,199cc to 1,497cc depending on the model one purchases.

Hyundai Venue- Under the 10-lakh barrier, the Venue is more of a premium offering from Hyundai. The sole AMT variant under 10-lakh is priced at INR 9.96 lakh and is named S Turbo DCT. Under the hood, the SUV derives power from a 998cc petrol engine tuned to produce a peak power of 118.35hp at 6,000rpm and a torque of 171.6Nm at 4,000rpm.

Maruti Suzuki VitaraBrezza- More of a compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki, the VitaraBrezza AMT variant is equipped with a mild-hybrid 1.5-litre petrol engine mated to a 4-speed torque converter auto. Priced at INR 9.75-11.40 lakh, the VitaraBrezza’s four-cylinder, 1,462cc engine is tuned to produce a peak power of 105hp and a torque figure of 138Nm.

Mahinda XUV300- Another compact SUV on the list, the Mahindra XUV300 AMT petrol variant is priced at INR 9.95 lakh. The AMT variant is called the W6 AMT Sunroof as it offers a sunroof which is an attractive feature to manyIndian consumers. A 1,197cc engine tuned to produce a peak power of 108.6hp powers the AMT petrol variant.

Nissan Magnite- The Nissan Magnite is one of the most premium SUVs under the 10-lakh barrier. There are several AMT variants of the Magnite under 10-lakh and they are the Turbo CVT XL, Turbo CVT XV, Turbo CVT XV DT, Turbo CVT XV Premium, Turbo CVT XV Premium Opt and Turbo CVT XV Premium DT.

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