Best Ana De Armas movies you should watch

Ana De Armas is the new Hollywood sensation who is known for her looks, off screen personality and acting abilities. The beautiful actress has won millions of hearts on internet and she is everywhere on social media. While people cannot ignore the fact that she is extremely beautiful, the actress has gained international attention and success because of her acting prowess.

Ana De Armas today is what Emma Watson few years ago. The internet loves her and people are in awe of her speaking style, fashion sense and screen presence. The Cuban-Spanish actress rose to fame in the last few years with her spectacular performances that made people love her. She began her career in Cuba and then she moved to Spain where she was a part of TV series but her breakthrough roles are in Hollywood for which she received international praise from both critics and audience. Let’s talk about some of her best movies.

Blade Runner 2049

The neo-noir science fiction film released in 2017 was first proper role of Ana De Armas in Hollywood and she did not disappoint. The movie was a sequel to the Harrison Ford’s movie and had an ensemble including Harrison Ford himself and Ryan Gosling but Ana De Armas managed to shine in her role as a holographic projection. Her acting was applauded by critics and the role helped her in attracting several big directors. This is one of her finest film which you should watch right away.

Knives Out

Knives Out is arguably the best movie of Ana De Armas small career. In this whodunit murder mystery, Ana De Armas plays the role of a nurse and she nailed it to the perfection. The role established Ana De Armas as an actress and made people believe in her talent. The film, directed by Rian Johnson, is Agatha Christie style murder mystery which has an extremely talented cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Micheal Shannon, Toni Collete, Christopher Plummer etc but Ana De Armas managed to take the limelight away from the star studded case from her brilliant performance as nurse.

No Time To Die

It is evident from the movie Knives Out that Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas have an interesting on screen chemistry. The extremely talented pair looks good together on screen and perhaps that is the reason why the makers of last James Bond movie decided to give Ana De Armas a role in the movie. The actress has an extended cameo in the movie but make no mistake, she is superb as an undercover agent and stuns with her action sequences. She looks gorgeous as Paloma, an agent who helps James Bond and fights the bad guys with ease.

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