Best Animes that everyone should watch

Put your seatbelts on for this rollercoaster ride!

Anime is a part of Japanese culture though now it’s a part of world culture. Anime can be found in different styles like series, movies and short films. This influencing and mind blowing art form is nowadays very famous in the teenage group. But now older people also started taking part in this binge watching marathon. Some anime are very heart-touching, some are relieving and some are actual flawless representations of our everyday life.

Kono Oto tomare

This is a series of 26 episodes, but every single episode is full of surprises and emotions. Recommending this anime is definitely a joy. Sharing the feelings of this anime hits differently. After one completes this, the gentle smile, composed heart and the feeling of fullness is obviously worth experiencing for once. So everybody go and try spending some valuable time on it.

Fairy tail

The name seems quite ‘non-elder’ type but the material in it is a bit heavy for children too. This series is definitely not involved with ‘Fairies’ but the concept is differently portrayed. The bursting emotions, importance of friends and family, and most importantly the power of oneself shown in this anime made it a masterpiece. Series tires some people but once you start watching this you won’t be able to stop the binge watching.

Violet Evergarden

This tiny series of 13 episodes can make you fall in love with anime more and more. The journey of Violet is not only hers, the viewer will eventually become a part of this beautiful and adventurous roller coaster ride. Based on an anti-war story of a young woman who will learn the importance of every single emotion and will teach you how to relive them. Everybody is unique and everybody can grow and discover themselves after having a created identity. Go and find this anime online and open a path for a fresh start.

Your lie in April

Music is connected in everyday life like science. it’s a language of nature and it can also connect two hearts more than anything. For some people talking is really not the best way to express feelings but music is. This series is a high school student life story and also an untold love story. After even having a tragic ending this anime will leave a warm feeling in your heart. Not only will you connect with other people but also you will connect with yourself.

Try watching these series, they won’t let you down. Refreshment is important and mainly when you can get an unlimited source of motivation why not try once !

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