Best Anne Hathaway movies that you should watch!

Hollywood has a significant number of good actors

And indeed Anne Hathaway is one of them

It isn’t easy to not become a fan of her acting prowess and her smile

So here we list out some of her best performances…

Hollywood has a way of keeping audiences hooked on the screens. Hollywood has everything with flashy sets, excellent scripts, and stupendous actors. But for viewers, more than anything, a film is about how the actor is. While there are several good actors in Hollywood, we will talk about the ever beautiful Anne Hathaway. If there is anyone who has the most infectious smile in Hollywood, it has to be her, but, more than that, her acting prowess is something that makes everyone spellbound. Let us tell you about some of her best films that you need to watch right now!

The Princess Diaries

If there is one film that everyone can associate Anne Hathaway with, it is definitely The Princess Diaries. Every girl dreams of becoming a princess one day, but in the case of the actress, her character actually got to live that dream. Even though it was her debut film, she managed to steal hearts and still does every time this film comes on the television.

Bride Wars (2009)

It may be a girl-against-girl film, but it also speaks loud about friendship. Sisters above misters, as they say, is proved best in this film. And the best part, it has not only Anne Hathaway but also Liv Hudson! If you are in the mood to watch something light and just a flick to pass your time, this movie is surely worth it!

The Intern (2015)

A more recent film from Anne Hathaway, this one went on to win a lot of critical appreciation. Starring Robert De Niro along with the actor, The Intern has a heart-warming story that shows the amazing camaraderie between the two.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

While many may say that this film was made fabulous by the great Meryl Streep, we believe it would not have been as good to watch if it was not for Anne Hathaway! The ultimate fashion movie, this one has to go on your to-watch list when it comes to the actor’s best movies of all time. And if you are a fashion lover, you’d want to watch it over and over again!

Riya Banerjee

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