Best Batman villains of all time

Superheroes have several fans due to their powers and popularity

But, some of villain characters too have a brilliant back story

particularly in the Batman franchise, which has given us some really good villains

Here we will list out all the best Batman villains

Among all the superhero franchises we have seen so far, there is no doubt that the Batman franchise comes in the top ten. Even with the actor changes and the different plotlines, Batman has stayed a fan favourite for decades now. But with Batman, fans also absolutely loved almost every villain character from the franchise. This is mainly because of the strong back story given to them and the element of sympathy that comes along with it. Of course, needless to mention, the amazing actors who have portrayed these villains also played a huge part in these characters becoming fan favourites. Here we list out some of the best Batman villains of all time…


Undoubtedly the Joker has to be on the top of the list simply because of its fantastic character arc and of course Heath Ledger! While Batman has faced many villains, Joker is considered to be his nemesis and rightly so. While Joker may have been one of the most villainous of all the villains in the Batman universe, it is the character’s back story that made the audience almost sympathise with him and often get amazed by the words he spoke. Kudos to Ledger for immortalising this character!


Another classic and extremely beloved character, the Riddler is all about brains, mind games and of course, riddles! He keeps Batman always second guessing and believes he can beat the caped crusader. The character was immortalised by Jim Carrey and even recently appeared in the latest Batman movie.


The moment any plot turns a good guy into a bad one, the audience automatically gets intrigued in their character arc. District Attorney Harvey Dent is the classic example of this. After fighting villains when his face gets destroyed, Harvey becomes Two-Faced and we get one of the best villains in the Batman universe!

Poison Ivy 

This list remains incomplete if one of the greatest female villains is not included in it. Her connection with plants and the way she uses them to protect herself has been considered unique over the years, and thus, she is considered a great character which emerged from the comic books!

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