Best career options if you love drawing

If you love drawing, read on to find out the best career options where you can exhibit your talent.

As they say,”Do what you love. Love what you do.”

Sometimes, it’s better to go against the flow and pursue something different as a career. And isn’t it amazing if you could turn your passion into your profession? If you love drawing, there are several career options (along with being a painter) where you can showcase your talent and also, earn a handsome amount of money.

  1. Animator: An animator designs and develops moving images using graphics and computer software. It requires drawing skills as you have to design the whole concept, draw the images, create storyboard and only then, you can develop the animations. There’s a high demand for animators in several fields such as movies, music videos, gaming and commercials.
  2. Fashion designer: If you have a good fashion sense and also can illustrate attractive designs, then fashion designing might be the most perfect career option for you. As a fashion designer, you have to come up with innovative designs and styles for clothes and sell them to the target customers.
  3. Graphic designer: A graphic designer creates images that are used in posters, magazines, books, websites, logos, exhibitions and a lot other fields. You should have software knowledge and also, you have to come up with creative designs which are visually attractive.
  4. Art teacher: If you love kids and want to encourage them to learn about various art methods, then teaching might be an ideal career option for you. Be it a school or a college, your primary job as an art teacher is to help your students develop a creative and imaginative mind, so that they can express their own creativity.
  5. Illustrator: Just like graphic designer, an illustrator also creates images but for those who want illustrated designs in their posters, advertisements, books, magazine, logo or anything else. You can work as a self employed freelancer or an employee of any agency.
  6. Storyboard artist: During the pre production of a movie, tv show or a commercial, a storyboard artist gets the script and draws the scenes to give an idea how the shooting will be done. They are basically visual storytellers who have to come up with creative ideas and interesting concepts.
  7. Tattoo artist: Today, tatto artists are in high demand and also, they are well paid. As a tattoo artist, you have to come up with attractive designs and then use needles to draw them on your client’s skin.

Also Art director, Interior designer, Textile designer, Industrial designer, Makeup artist are some career options which require drawing skills.

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