Published By: Sougata Dutta

Best Cities To Spend Winter In Canada

And the country turns more like a magical land when the snow starts falling.

Canada looks so beautiful, just like a picture taken right out of a fairy tale book. There is something for every winter lover because the place gets very crowded during the season of ice. If you are wondering about places to visit in Canada during the winter season, Here are some perfectly selected places that every winter lover must explore in Canada.


If you like the winter season, then Toronto is the best city to visit in Canada during winter time. Cold days and nights can be greatly enjoyed there by indulging in many types of experiences like biking, taking a excursion of the paths inside the Don Valley, or enjoying the icebreaker installations on the waterfront.

Rideau Canal

The Canadian wintry weather tour is incomplete in case you haven’t skated on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal’s skateway. It is one of the great places to visit in Canada in the season of ice. There are many places to visit in Canada, but this one is not to be missed.

Vancouver City

Popularly known for its external beauty, Vancouver is one of the pleasant places to visit in Canada during the winter season. The excellent city is well-known for being one of the world’s most liveable cities. Also, it is a fantastic place to escape if you’re searching for a break from the snow in Canada. Have a refreshing shopping and eating as well as visit the famous museums.


Ontario is famous for the dazzling Niagara Falls that it has. While the humongous falls are an absolute pleasure during summer time, the frozen falls in Canada look equally magical in winter also. The entire beauty of the frozen falls is hard to express in words. A wonderful dazzler is nearby. Y could come to visit that also. You can see the chilling mist rising above the falls that seems so mysterious. It is really one of the most important places to visit in Canada during winter time.


Located in Nova Scotia Halifax city is another top location to visit for enjoying Canada during winter time. Nova Scotia is also an area that offers mountain climbing in Canada. Beside that, Halifax is well-known for maple syrup and different treats. You can enjoy a delicious meal, have some drinks made from sweet Maple syrup and simply enjoy the view.