Best Court-room Dramas on OTT platforms

Anatomy of a Scandal

This mini-series revolves around a minister of parliament, James Whitehouse. He seems to be the ideal blue-eyed, gentlemanly family man. Until, one day, disaster strikes, and some of his secrets come to life. The show traces the court case after his colleague, with whom he was having an affair makes accusations against him. The show follows the court case, the impact upon all those who were involved, and upon his wife. It leads to an unraveling of the past, and secrets that were thought to be buried for good. This show has everything; The script, the acting, the plot twists, and the politics! All of this makes it a must-watch.


This show revolves around the Pearson-Hardman law firm and the coming of Mike Ross to this institution. Although he doesn’t have a degree in law, which ultimately becomes the main storyline of the play, he is extremely talented and has a unique ability to retain everything he reads. The show follows his coming to Pearson-Hardman, after being hired by Harvey Specter who is impressed by his skills despite his lack of qualifications. The show traces not only the court cases that they undertake together but also their friendship, Mike Ross’s love affair with Rachel who is another member of the office, Jessica who is the head of the firm, as well as Harvey’s relationship with Donna, his secretary, and his rival, LouisLitt The show is fastpaced and is extremely witty!

 Boston Legal

Created by David.E.Kelley, this is one of the most popular comedy court dramas. The lead, Alan Shore, played by James Spader joins a firm, where Denny Crane, who William Shatner plays, is the head of the firm. The show follows a series of seemingly impossible cases, tinged with drama but also comical, and follows this duo.  The hilarity of this show ensues from the fact that Shore isn’t always the most ethical and legally correct lawyer himself, and goes to different extents, sometimes questionable, to fight and win cases.

Lincoln Lawyer

Coming from the same maker, as Boston Legal, David.E.Kelley, this new Netflix series follows the story of Mick Haller, who is a defense attorney whose office is his car, a Lincoln Continental Sedan. Though Mike primarily catered to small petty thieves, he suddenly is faced with a case, where he has to defend Ryan Phillipe from Beverley Hills, who is accused of murder. The case leads to the unraveling of dark secrets and the past. This show is based on a book series written by Michael Connelly.

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