Best films made by SriramRaghavan

SriramRaghavan is a name that is synonymous with great thriller films in India. Popularly known as Indian Hitchcock, SriramRaghavan has made some of the greatest thriller movies of the 21st century.

SriramRaghavan started his career by writing for TV shows and serials. He then moved to direct many films in Indian cinema and all of them are crime thrillers. Let’s talk about his best films.

Ek Hasina Thi – Ek Hasina Thi starring Urmila and Saif Ali Khan is a revenge saga that was released in 2004. The film established SriramRaghavan as an acclaimed director in the Indian film industry. The film is considered by the critics to be ahead of its time. The storyline of the film was simple yet engaging. It was SriramRaghavan who had this whole idea of making a girl take revenge for what was did to her by the man she loved.

Badlapur – If Ek Hasina Thi was the movie which established him as an acclaimed filmmaker, Badlapur is a movie which made many people fan of SriramRaghavan. The movie, like the name suggests, is a revenge thriller but it made SriramRaghavan master of directing thriller films. Every director has their touch and SriramRaghavan is someone who knows how to pull off a thriller successfully. The story of a common man taking revenge for his wife’s death may seem like a 90s movie on paper but it is SriramRaghavan’s craft which took this movie to another level.

Agent Vinod – Indian film industry has made movies on various topics but it lacks a proper spy thriller. SriramRaghavan once tried his hands in making a spy thriller which involves proper action, tussle between nations and Saif Ali Khan. The film met with mixed reviews but is a great watch.

Andhadhun – Andhadhun is perhaps the best film of SriramRaghavan who made a hell of a thriller. It is a film which will be studied in film schools because of its sheer craft and storytelling. The story itself is so compelling that it makes you in love with it. Andhadhun is easily his best film where after watching the whole movie, you may want to watch it again. This movie has one of the best climaxes in the history of bollywood films which remains in discussion for a long time. The movie is a prime example of making a brilliant crime thriller where you don’t know what to feel about the characters. Andhadhun also benefits from the amazing acting performances of AyushmanKhurana, Tabu, ManavVij and Radhika Apte.

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