Best films that played with dimension

If you are a sci-fi fan, then you will love these films.

Films, be it any genre, always makes us feel entertained whenever we watch them. But many people have their favourite genres, which make them prefer certain movies over others. For example, while some people like funny films, some like rom-com. Even science fiction films attract colossal popularity these days. Especially the ones that play with different dimensions or memorable storylines are the ones that get a lot of recognition in the award shows these days. So here we will list out some of the best films that have beautifully played with alternate dimensions:

Back to the future

How can this particular movie now be on the list? Although it deals primarily with time travel, you could count it as a film that deals with different dimensions, and it is the least to say that it is the most exceptional film ever. The 1980’s classic beats the other parts of the movie that came out and is definitely worth a watch.


Are you a fan of romantic films? Well, this one is a surreal love story that happens in five different alternate universes! The backdrops, the dialogues and the incredible story will make you want this film more than once. The movie does not just have the normal romantic tones but also has some stunning scenic locations.


For all those people who love watching animated films, this one is the absolute best choice. Coraline is about an 11-year-old girl who discovers a hidden entrance to the “other world” the movie is full of music, fantastic visuals and, of course, a great storyline that will keep you hooked! If you want to explore stop motion, this film would be the best film to start with!

Doctor Strange

Marvel never fails to surprise people when it comes to time travels and amazing stories. Doctor Strange has all the fantastic features. From instant time travels to epic battle scenes, Doctor Strange is one Marvel movie worth the watch. After this film, you can even watch the Avengers films with this character and his incredible magic tricks!

Monsters, Inc.

Well, this is for all the kids out there. Of course, happening in an alternate universe, and it has cute monsters in it! This one won’t be a bad watch for those family nights.

Riya Banerjee

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