Best Food Vloggers in the Indian Subcontinent and Their Channels

Best Food Vloggers in the Indian Subcontinent and Their Channels

Those Will Win the Hearts of Every Food Lover

Food Vloggers work hard to share a unique food experience with their viewers. At the same time, their popularity depends on their great presentation skills. Check out some of the most popular food bloggers who have already won the hearts of  food lovers in India by their content.

Mayur Sharma and Rocky Singh:

Together they are known as “Rocky & Mayur”. Currently, videos of their food vlogging are regularly seen on “History tv’s YouTube” channel. At one point they became popular on ND TV’s “Highway on My Plate” show. The pair, these oldest food bloggers in India, have been entertaining Indian audiences for almost fifteen years.

“Swad Official”, The Official Youtube Channel 

Gaurav Wasan, the owner of the channel “Swad Officials”, once worked as a journalist of various foods on NDTV. “Swad Officials” currently has 1.56 million “YouTube” subscribers. Though originally he was based in “Delhi”, he brought to the fore the stunning foods of several cities of India. A video made on “Baba ka Dhaba” spread its popularity across the country a few years ago. He also has the ability to present his content in a very fluent and bright way.

Harish Bali and His Channel Visa 2Explore 

Indian food hunter “Harish Bali” started his career as a vlogger in 2017. He is the owner of a successful and popular food vlogging channel called “Visa 2Explore”. His “YouTube” channel has 1.49 million subscribers. Harish remembers his experience of popular street foods in several different cities and places in India through his channel. In addition to street food, you can also find on his channel,details of popular recipes of various eminent restaurants.

Anubhab Sapra and His YouTube Channel “Delhi Food Walk ”

Anubhab Sapra, who has been starting his food vlogging profession for ten years, is a “Delhi” based YouTuber . His “YouTube” channel “Delhi Food Walks” is currently very popular in “India” and also abroad. It has a huge number of subscribers, that is 1.18 million . He also does tours to discover street food on Delhi’s streets with tourists coming to India from abroad.

Tanmay Sharma and His Channel Veggie Paaji  

Tanmay Sharma has become very popular among Indian food lovers only by exploring vegetarian dishes. His channel “Veggie Paaji” has 2.59 million subscribers. Therefore, one can undoubtedly guess how popular it is among Indian foodies. His channel is at the centre of Vegan’s choice nowadays.

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