Best Gardening Gifts For Your Friend With A Green Thumb

From gardening gloves to homemade terrariums to plant growing kits, check out some garden-inspired gift ideas for your friend with a green thumb.

Do you know a special gardener friend? Do you want to do something delightful for them? Then keep scrolling, as every gardener keeps a long list of gardening items they wish they owned. There are many gardening tools that can make their job as a gardener a lot easier and more enjoyable. Check out some of the best gardening gifts that you can get for your green-loving friend on a budget.

Compost Bin

It is an incredible gift idea for any gardener. A compost bin is not just functional – it can also help your gardener friend save some money in the long run. And the best part is, you can buy this gift or even make it. So get a compost bin and consider helping your green-loving friend prepare their own fertilizer right in the compost bin.

Seed Starting Kit

Most gardeners prefer starting their own seeds because it saves money and helps to add more variety to their garden at an affordable cost. Also, with a seed starting kit, your friend can control how they want their plants to grow all the way through the process. We can assure you that most garden owners will love this kit and use it to start their own seeds.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves that are sturdy and flexible with some colourful prints on them will serve as a gardener’s best friend. Look out for gloves made of nylon or synthetic suede because they are more breathable and flexible. Also, there is nothing called ‘too many gloves’ for gardeners – which is why they make great gifts.

Gathering Basket

If your friend is a vegetable gardener, they will surely need a gathering basket for collecting all that they produce. You can get a wicker basket with a handle for them. Or you can simply go for a lightweight yet sturdy basket made from wire and wood that will allow excess dirt to escape.

Butterfly House

A butterfly house will allow all the pretty monarchs and other colourful butterflies to rest their wings. You will find several styles and sizes online, or better yet, if you are familiar with basic carpentry, you can build one on your own.

Consider getting these useful yet inexpensive gardening gifts to surprise your plant-loving friend.


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