Published By: Sayan Guha

Best Guide On Traditional Thai Festive Clothing

Every culture has traditional clothing that they love to wear on special occasions. If you are booking your tickets to be a part of Thai festivals, here are some clothes you need to wear to enjoy the festivities on your own.

Do you wish to attend a national festival or other formal event in the Land of Smiles? You may easily blend in with the locals if you dress in a style known as Chut Thai, the traditional dress of Thailand. It's a distinct kind of Southeast Asian traditional clothing that anybody can wear and is often regarded as the de facto national costume. Its distinct feature is its incorporation of Victorian-era fashion, which, in turn, communicates a great deal about the country's history, culture, and values. Let's learn more about this right now!

The Origins of Traditional Thai Dress

Thailand's traditional dress shows how the country has evolved over time and how it has absorbed fashions from its neighbors. For instance, the Cambodian Chong Kben (collarless blouse with wraparound material) was once widely worn by the Thai people. In most cases, people feel comfortable baring their feet and chests and accessorizing with gold jewelry like metal belts. Additionally, there was the Sinh or Pha Sinh, a shawl-like garment worn around the waist with a traditional hairstyle for women.

Traditional Thai Clothing and Its Significance

The chut Thai phra ratcha niyom, or traditional Thai costume, has survived to the present day. Actually, all you have to do is take a stroll through Bangkok's streets to find dozens of shops selling Chut Thai in a wide variety of styles for men, women, and children. We use the word "different" in the sense that there is a wide variety of designs from which to choose. This is because there are countless ways to dress for each occasion, each calling for a unique combination of clothing, fabrics, accessories, and patterns.

What Do Thai People Usually Wear?

Traditional Chut Thai clothing is recognized for its brilliant colors and subdued style. Since the country has so many silkworm farms, silk is commonly used. The usage of metals, however, persists in contemporary designs because of Cambodia and India's shared cultural heritage.

Here are a few examples of customary Thai dresses to keep in mind for various events:

Thai ladies often wear the informal Ruean Ton attire to non-official events like religious rituals. The tube-shaped skirt is paired with a collarless long-sleeved top. The Chakkri is a type of traditional Thai clothing used for ceremonial occasions. Sabai, which is utilized to cover the top garment along with at least one shoulder, is included. A Sabai is worn over the head and a long tube skirt and long-sleeved top are worn for the evening. The inner garment of a dusit, a traditional Thai outfit, is a gown of silk (ankle length) rather than the more commonplace round-neck, long-sleeved shirt. It's best worn with a belt, and it's appropriate for both casual and festive events.