Published By: Sougata Dutta

Best Ideas For Wedding Photoshoot And Videography

Make a filmy wedding album

Marriage is a very joyous and very important event in human life. An event that comes once in a lifetime for most people. So people have a lot of expectations about marriage.

Previously, wedding photoshoots used to be a normal activity, just to keep the memories of the ceremony. But, now, it has become larger even than the ceremony. It's not an age of hard photo albums where people used to attach the photos. Nowadays, people want to make almost a film on their wedding ceremony.

So, photographers need to make a compact cinematic wedding shoot to satisfy the customers.

Cover the whole ceremony: From Mehndi to Vidai

A wedding video needs to look like a complete cover of the ceremony. So it is necessary to cover all the events. A wedding ceremony usually starts with the event called Mehndi where the Mehndi artist makes designs on the bride's hands. Then comes the Haldi session. Then the marriage, the main event. At last it comes the time of Vidai when the bride leaves her home and goes to the groom's house. Some people also arrange a reception party at the groom's house after bringing the bride. So, all the events need to be covered in both photographs and videographs.

Go for a pre-wedding photo session

A pre-wedding session in a wedding video adds the filmy outlook. What to do in a pre-wedding? The photographer or videographer needs to shoot the couple as they are falling in love and slowly processing to the stage of wedding. In case of love marriage, it becomes very easy, as they already have their own love story which can be recreated in the shooting. But in the case of arranged marriage, it is needed to make the couple act like lovebirds. So, it is a little bit tough. But, a good videographer can make it done.

Make some outdoor shooting

Outdoor shooting is very much necessary. Especially the pre-wedding part can be great if it is shooted in an outdoor location. Natural beauty always lifts up the quality of a video. A nearby location can be easily used. And if there is budget support, the outdoor shooting can be done in some tourist spots as well.

Shoot in cinematic process

The whole shooting should be done like a cinema. So, the photographer or videographer needs to learn cinematography at least at a certain level to make a film-like wedding video. The video shouldn’t be like just some captures of some moments of the ceremony, but like a lively representation of the entire chemistry of the couple, starting from their love story to the completion of getting together forever.