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Best international cricket umpires ever

We often talk about the best batsman and best bowlers but forget about the two gentlemen who are on the cricket ground too. Cricket is a game which has almost no chances of cheating because it has live umpires who remain on the ground with players.

Here are the best cricket umpires who are known for their wise and unbiased decisions and are loved by the fans.

Simon Taufel

Simon James Arthur Taufel is perhaps the best umpire cricket has ever seen. He is widely known for giving correct decisions by his keen observation. Simon was born in Australia and he is married to Helen Taufel. He holds the record for winning the award for best umpire of the year for the five times in a row. He was a member of the ICC Elite Umpire Panel and for his eagle eye and quick observation, he was known and appreciated all over the globe. Simon was an observer who used to spend a second or two before giving the decision and he was never criticized for it. It is because his decisions were always right and was respected by the teams.

Billy Bowden

Billy Bowden is a New Zealand cricketer and umpire. He was a cricketer and wanted to represent his national team but he soon suffered from arthritis. Billy Bowden is one of the most famous umpires of the world. He is widely known for his witty sense of humor and his unorthodox style of umpiring. The way he used to give signals for boundaries or wickets was hilarious. Billy was loved by millions for his unusual ways and his sense of humor. He was also a part of Indian advertisement campaign for Pepsi which featured him in his typical style.

Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar is a keen observer and a peace loving umpire. Like his contemporary Simon Taufel, Aleem is focused and he never gets distracted from the on field or off field actions. He too received the prestigious awards and is a member of the elite club of umpires, maintained by the ICC. Before starting his career as an umpire, Aleem too was a cricketer. He was a first class batsman but soon turned into umpiring as his skills were more appreciated there.

Rudi Koertzen

Rudi Koertzen is a South African umpire who deserves all the appreciation. It is important to mention his name here because of his vast experience of covering several matches. Rudi has given his service to more than hundred test matches and has seen cricket all over the world.

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