Best International Political comedies

Are you a fan of political satire? If you are in the mood to watch and laugh at comical political situations, here are some all-time classics for you to enjoy!

Yes Minister – This masterpiece was created by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn. Revolving around three major characters, Jim Hacker, Minister of Administrative Affairs, 2 Civil Servants, Sir Humphrey Appleby and Principal Private Secretary, Bernard Woolley, this hilarious comedy series is probably the best one ever! Political situations arise in different episodes, and a hilarious process of negotiation ensues, where manipulation from both sides is at play! Humphrey frequently employs cunning methods to try and convince the minister, whenever he tries to alter the status quo. What ensues is a hilarious clash, mediated or heightened by Bernard. This is a hilarious insight into the functioning of the British government through its history and is a joy to watch!

Yes Prime Minister –Due to its popularity, a sequel was created of Yes Minister by the same makers, where Jim Hacker gets elected as Prime Minister. The hilarity of the previous show continues. The negotiations and manipulations continue in this series too, featuring the 3 characters. Additionally, in this show, in a few of the episodes there are some more characters that come, such as Dorothy, who is the personal advisor to the Prime Minister, who manages to contest Humphrey successfully in various episodes.  Although based in one-two shooting locations compared to the previous one which had more, this sequel is equally entertaining.

Derry Girls – Created by Lisa McGee, Derry Girls is a political comedy on Netflix, whose background is the Irish Conflict in the 1990s. The show traces the misadventures of Erin Quinn ( Saoirse- Monica Jackson), her cousin, Orla McCool ( Louis Harland), and her friends, Clare Devlin ( Nicola Coughlan), Michelle Mallon ( Jamie-Lee O Donnell), Dylan Llewelyn ( James Maguire) who go to the Christian missionary School. Living in a world of conflict, their lives are a series of misadventures, involving dead nuns, trouble at funerals, punishments for theft,fickle-minded priests, and runaway men in the car boots as well trouble at school. All these situations beautifully weave the political and the personal lives of these girls and James, the boy. Many of the situations are quirky and witty while also being meaningful and reflective of the situation. The viewer is sure to be left at the end of every episode wanting more!

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