Best male characters written by female filmmakers

While more often than not women write the best female characters, these are few of the iconic male characters written by female filmmakers…

The popular opinion is that film has no gender. And well, that is absolutely the truth. As much as male filmmakers have given iconic all time classic films, so have women. As centuries have passed, film schools have not only taught children about the Lumière brothersor D.W. Griffith but also about Alice Guy-Blaché and Lois Weber. Another thing that has been considered more and more when looking at iconic films is how the characters were written by the makers. So if you are a film enthusiast, here we will tell you all about some of the best male characters written by female filmmakers…

Cassius Clay, One Night in Miami (2020) –Even though we have chosen Cassius Clay as the iconic character from this film, it is safe to say that all the four male characters are exceptionally written and portrayed in the film. When Clay’s character says “Power just means a world where we are safe to be ourselves”, you are bound to get chills. Watch this movie to see how each male character is so different, fragile, strong and emotional all at the same time. Sure to say, the director Regina King has done absolute wonders with her film.

Patrick Bateman, American Psycho (2000) –This film directed by Mary Harron did not just go on to become one of the best films of the century but also got famous for the character of Bateman that was played by Christian Bale. He is scary, he is self-caring, he has great taste in music and he is also suave. Harron made sure the man shown on film is not just irresistible but also capable of doing everything in the script that may surprise the audience. If you are on the lookout for movies with best male characters, do not miss out on this one…

Jason Holliday, Portrait of Jason (1967) – If you fancy a non-fiction then this film will truly touch your emotional side with the character of Jason Holliday. The struggles, the hardships, make him a complex man but also make you understand him so deeply.

Joe, You were Never Really Here (2017) – Joe is a war veteran, Joe is ruthless, but Joe also cares. If that one line does not make you want to watch this, then what can we say?!

Riya Banerjee

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