Best Medical Dramas on television

Medical dramas are one of the best kind of television shows to watch! They involve the ideal amount of tension, suspense, and emotions, owing to their settings in and around hospitals! It is like one wholesome package that is sure to enrapture you and draw you into their world. Here are some you should definitely catch up on when you get the chance if you are a lover of medical dramas!

Good Doctor

This show is on Netflix and is based on Shaun Murphy, who is an ingenious innovative surgeon, diagnosed with autism. The show captures his time at St Bonaventure hospital. Not only has Freddie Highmore built and developed the character masterfully, but the overall story-line, the plot twists, and the social challenges that an Autistic person undergoes is depicted so beautifully throughout the show. Not only Shaun but also the other characters like Lea,  Dr. Glassman, Claire, Dr. Reznick, Alex , Dr. Melendez and Dr. Lim have a beautiful story-line. Especially the first two seasons are so brilliantly scripted, that the whole plot comes together just perfectly! This show is a must-watch!

Dr. House

This award-winning series went on for eight years. This show revolves around a protagonist, Dr House which is portrayed by Hugh Laurie. Despite being on pain-meds, he guides his team and has an innate ability to catch underlying conditions which other doctors were unable to discern.  Sometimes, this put him in conflict with others in the hospital, and they dismissed him. However, he managed to prove that he was right. This show is emotional, yet hilarious especially due to the actors and Laurie’s fabulous comic timing. It is a must-watch!

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy  is perhaps the longest running medical show in history! Though it is nearing 20 seasons by now and things have changed a lot since when it first started, the initial seasons are still some of the most enthralling things displayed on television. This show revolves around Meredith Grey which is played by Ellen Pompeo, and her residency and ultimately life as a doctor in Seattle Grace Hospital( although its name was changed during the show). All the characters are extremely well written, the cases in the hospital mostly based on real-life medical situations, ones which seem so bewildering , yet fascinating! The show traces the life of all these doctors, their personal traumas, their romances as well as their creative and ingenious methods in the field of medicine.

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