Best Music Festivals In Mexico

Here are some of the best music fests to attend while in Mexico. Read on to know them all!

Thanks to Vive Latino in Mexico City and Bahidorá in the jungles of Morelos, Mexico has quickly become one of the world’s premier locations for music festivals. Unfortunately, some individuals, primarily in Monterrey, Nuevo León, fail to see the potential of El Norte as a location for music festivals. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of eight fantastic music events in Northern Mexico that you shouldn’t miss.

Pa’l Norte

Pa’l Norte, possibly Monterrey’s most prominent music festival, takes place every year in late April. It is known for its lion’s-head logo, an abundance of Tecate alcohol (the brand sponsors the whole event), and a roster of popular worldwide and local acts, such as Muse & Queens of the Stone Age.

Hellow Fest

Hellow Fest is the antidote to Pa’l Norte. The two events are similar; they share the exact location (Monterrey’s Parque Fundidora) and are funded by similarly northerly beer companies (Hellow Fest’s official drink is Bud Light). Among the 2018 Hellow Fest performers are Maroon 5, Tyler, His Creator, & French Montana. That’s it; there’s no other variation. This festival, Hellow Fest, is held in late August when Monterrey is at its hottest.

Sonoro Festival

Let’s leave Monterrey for a while and head to Hermosillo, Sonora, a place with temperatures just as high. Festival Sonoro, the largest music festival in Sonora, often arrives in late October or early November, bringing a more regionally oriented roster consisting of Zoé, Cartel de Claus, and Porter artists. This is the perfect justification for a trip to your state’s least popular tourist destination.

Monterrey’s Machaca Festival

Compared to the events above, the annual Machaca Fest in Parque Fundidora, Monterey, takes a far more diversified approach when curating its lineups each June. In 2018, for instance, the indie pop star Mon Laferte, the reggaeton artists Don Omar and J Balvin, and the alternative music group Thirty Seconds a Mars were all scheduled to make performances.

WiSH Outdoor

Due to the WiSH Outdoor event held annually in the Netherlands, the term may seem familiar. However, if you’re a lover of DJ performances by superstars such as Armin Van Buuren & Axwell Ingrosso, you’ll be happy to know that Monterey offers an annual iteration of WiSH Outdoor around May.


Lasting over two days in late October, Live Out is the latest in a series of successful yearly music events held in Monterrey. Live Out’s program features up-and-coming and established indie, pop, and rock musicians, including The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers, and St. Vincent, giving the festival a more global vibe than past events held in Parque Fundidora.

Ensenada Rock Festival

Lastly, the Ensenada Music Festival in Baja, California, rounds up this overview of musical events in northern Mexico. What could be more enjoyable than a music concert close outside the picturesque prosecco Valle de Guadalupe? Unfortunately, the website offers little more than “details coming soon,” but you should keep looking for updates.

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