Best No Garlic And Onion Recipes

Searching for the perfect dish to make without onions and garlic? We got you covered!

Be it the regular Tuesdays and Thursdays, or the whole nine days of Navratri, cooking with garlic and onion on these days is a big no-no. Now before you scratch your head trying to recall the one good recipe you knew without these, we have a whole plethora of ideas to keep you covered. Not only are they perfectly tasty, but you can also try them without the obligation of the rituals too! Have fun cooking!

Paneer Bhurji-

If the paneer is your weakness like every Indian, you are in luck, for the list of recipes to make finger-licking paneers never end. The crumbled paneer is something that we love munching on as a snack and a proper meal with roti. You can cook it up without any onion or garlic, and it will taste just as good. Serve it hot and watch it disappear into your tummies before you can take a third helping!


Did the very thought of rajma chawal make your mouth water? Well, we don’t blame you! The idea of the rajma melting your mouth is appeasing enough to get hungry again. The best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice the meal for the pujas! Cook it with hot spices, and you are ready to have a meal without onion or garlic.


Like peas? We got a dish you could never say no to! Devour the yummy chana cooked with chunks of paneer make perfectly to bounce when you grab a bite. The use of spices without garlic or onion gives you permission to relish the meal any day you like!

Paneer Makhani-

This dish is a sheer paradise for all vegetarians who have waited for the perfect meal. Make sure you add the ingredients perfectly to keep the taste intact. You do not need garlic or onions to bring an authentic taste to it. And always remember, the creamier, the better!

Vegetarian Koftas-

The vegetable koftas make with khoya is something you can look forward to all year round. You can dunk them in a creamy curry or fry them to make a perfect snack for the auspicious day.

Karahi Paneer-

Just when you thought you couldn’t get karahi paneer made without adding onion and garlic, we have news for you! It’s even tastier that way! You can cook up a zingy gravy that you will absolutely fall in love with.

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