Best of licensed killers in Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical horror game that lets you into the world of the Entity, with 4 survivors and 1 killer playing in a trial. The players can choose to play either.

While playing as a survivor is fun with flashlight saves, pallet stuns and outplaying the killer, playing as a killer is another sort of gameplay altogether. Each killer comes with its unique perks and abilities that lead to some interesting gameplays.

The game has some OG killer like The Nurse, The Spirit among others but also has killer characters derived from pop culture. These killers are licensed and has intrigued many to take up playing the game. Remember Demogorgon from Stranger Things. In the game, Demogorgon has the ability to apply map pressure and create portals. Behavior has many licensed killers other than Demogorgon is interesting to play.

Here is a list of licensed killers in Dead by Daylight

The Executioner

Known as Pyramid Head, The Executioner from Silent Hill movie can zone you with his Rite of Judgement power where he uses his Great Knife to throw a dart like trench via the earth at the survivors. P-Head also don’t need to waste time to hook survivors. He can send tormented survivors to Cage of Atonement. The movement speed is high on Pyramid Head and his power allows him to zone survivor easily.

The Nightmare

From the film Nightmare on Elm Street, here comes Freddy with a children-singing-chorus as his terror radius. The Nightmare is able to put survivors to sleep where they won’t be able to hear the killer approach. The Nightmare can teleport to generators, lay down snares to slow down survivors and any DBD player would agree that Freddy’s lunge for a hit is massive.


Danny ‘Ghostface’ Johnson from the movie Scream is another licensed killer. Ghostface is a stealth killer where his Stalk and Crouch allows him to crouch and stalk survivors from a distance. Once they are fully stalked, he can one-hit down them. His perks Thrilling Tremors and I’m All Ears lets him read auras of survivors.


Apart from the terrifying face we have seen on Stranger Things, Demogorgon is a licensed killer in Dead by Daylight that has immense map control by creating portals. His Shred ability lets him leap forward at a mighty speed. Perks his Surge, Mindbreaker and Cruel Limits all aim at regressing generators and creating exhaustion for survivors, so they are unable to make a Dead Hard to escape.

The Cannibal

This chainsaw wielding killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or as he is known as Leatherface, can down multiple survivors with one swish of his chainsaw even the survivors are all huddled up together.


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