Best performances by Hollywood actor Catherine O’Hara

If you loved her in Schitt’s Creek then you will definitely love her in these!

The way Catherine O’Hara has amazed half the world with her character Moira Rose in the TV series Schitt’s Creek, the actor has also managed to woo many fans with her previously award-winning and much appreciated roles. She’s a Hollywood legend who has not only made her mark on the bigger screen but also the small screen! From Home Alone to Beetlejuice, O’Hara has shone in every genre and show everyone her versatility. So let’s list down a few of her best roles so far…

A Mighty Wind (2003) – If you loved seeing Catherine O’Hara paired up with Eugene Levy in Schitt’s Creek, then this film is a must watch too. This mockumentary is about a folk music festival and delves deep into the emotional chemistry of the two legendary actors. At the end of the movie the two even perform on a song ‘A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow’, which was nominated for an Oscar! Not surprised though, are we?

Home Alone, Home Alone 2 (1990, 1992) – Yes, needless to say the 90’s Hollywood was full of great performances by O’Hara. While she may not have had too much screen time in these two iconic Home Alone movies, her character of a concerned mother will surely make you fall in love with her.

Beetlejuice (1988) – As we mentioned earlier, Beetlejuice is one of O’Hara most talked about and most liked performances till date. Directed by Tim Burton, this was the actor’s first ever supernatural comedy and she has done a marvelous job at it. O’Hara is seen in this film as the eccentric Delia Deetz, stepmother to Winona Ryder’s Lydi.

Best in Show (2000) – Another O’Hara and Eugene Levy classic, Best in Show is a satire blanketed out in a comedy. The two play the role of a couple who are stressed out over their dog entering a competition. We promise you this is worth a watch!

Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020) – How can we not mention Schitt’s Creek on this list? Most loved as Moira Rose, O’Hara possibly delivered one of her best performances in this series. From perfecting an accent to effortlessly carrying off a scene, the actor is sure to steal your breath away and make you want to binge watch this show!

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