Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Best places across the world for underwater adventures

Scuba diving is an amazing way to explore the underwater world and see things that you would never be able to see otherwise. But it's not just about going underwater; it's about where you go underwater. There are some amazing places across the world that offer scuba divers the opportunity to explore shipwrecks, caves, reefs, and more.

Let’s explore some of the best places across the world for underwater adventures. So, whether you're an experienced diver or someone who's never been diving before, read on to find an underwater adventure that's perfect for you.

Bali - Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is one of the country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island. Bali is Indonesia's main tourist destination, which has seen a significant rise in tourists since the 1980s. Underwater adventures in Bali can be found in many different forms, from snorkelling and diving, to swimming with dolphins and even whale watching. There are plenty of operators offering a wide range of tours and activities, so there's something to suit everyone.

Queensland - There are few places in the world that offer as many opportunities for underwater adventures as Queensland, Australia. With its myriad of reefs, wrecks, and marine life, Queensland is a scuba diver's paradise. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. This massive coral reef system extends for over 2,000 kilometers along the northeastern coast of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is home to an incredible variety of marine life, making it a must-see for any scuba diver. Other popular dive destinations in Queensland include the Yongala Wreck and the Ribbon Reefs. The Yongala Wreck is a shipwreck that lies in waters off the coast of Townsville.

Andaman - Andaman is a group of about 572 islands in the Indian Ocean. The Andaman Islands are home to some of the best beaches in India, with white sand and clear turquoise waters. There are also many scuba diving and snorkelling spots around the islands. One of the best places to go diving in Andaman is Havelock Island. There are many dive centres on the island, offering both PADI and SSI courses. The most popular dive sites around Havelock Island include Elephant Beach, where you can see turtles; Lighthouse Reef, which has beautiful corals; and Dave’s Beehive, where you can find lots of fish. If you’re looking for an even more adventurous underwater experience, you can try sea walking in Andaman.