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Best places in India to get the clearest skies

The heaven of mystery is ahead of you, just need to fix up destinations!

The definition of clearness often fails to rely on thoroughgoing translucent objectives. Why? Because clearness is not what we put in our usual aspects. From our viewpoint, the moon has a lot of grey holes and traces and which makes it more beautiful! And as the skies — the transformations of being miracle reflections, variations of colour casts and many more that the words fail to give phrases. Many places in India are the most appropriate instances of having the clearest skies. Materially, the skies with miscellaneous substances! Let’s check out the places to enjoy stargazing, observing, and many more

They call it ‘Spiti’: ‘The Middle Land’ of Himachal Pradesh

Don’t you wonder after pronouncing such one of the cutest words! Well, it’s a language named Bhoti. The valley is mainly a deserted land that exists in the district of Lahul and Spiti and the area is located in the northeast of Himachal Pradesh. The altitude of Himachal Pradesh is higher than the other places in India so the amazing moments of experiencing skies full of stars are not that difficult.

Moreover, you can go for a clear night view to witness the magical collocations.

The Coffee Cup of India, Karnataka: Famous for the name and the place

Located in Kodagu district in Western Ghat, Karnataka, this place can take your breath away with uncountable hills, coffee forests, waterfalls, and splendid sights of skies. You can plan for a worthy stargazing experience here, and for sure, you’ll definitely be stuck by the beauty of it.

Also known by the name Coorg, this district of Karnataka is enriched with many other mesmerizing places such as Brahmagiri Hills, Abbey Falls, etc.

Little Rann of Kutch, Thar Desert, Gujarat: The Greatest Salt Desert in India

The place of Gujarat is separated into three individual places which are Little Rann of Kutch, The Great Rann of Kutch, and Kutch. Situated near the Indus River and Kutch district, Little Rann of Kutch is popularly known for its hottest and salty places, crystal clear view of crimson rose-coloured sunset, and the greatest Rann Utsav.

Travellers can get the full amazement of a glimpse of white sand at night, coupled with a panoramic view of the moon and sparkling stars in the sky.

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