Best Places In India To Visit During The Winters

During winters, many people will spend their holidays and week-offs wrapped up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate – at home. But there are others who enjoy exploring new places while sipping hot cocoa. This article is for them!

There are so many places in India where you can enjoy the winters, from the serene Himachal Pradesh to tranquil Kerala. Let’s take a look at the best places in India to visit during the winters


Do you want to learn skiing as the majestic peaks of Neelkanth, Mana Parbat and Nanda Devi gaze over you? You must visit Auli, India’s best ski destination. It boasts lush green valleys all year round, but peak winters allow you to see the place in a whole new light. Many ski resorts are crowded with holidaymakers and adventure seekers, as the landscape is blanketed in a thick snow layer.


Dalhousie, another hill station in Himachal Pradesh that is unique, is a great place for those who love colonial charm. Winter brings out the best of this area as the temperature drops below freezing point, and the cold breeze invites visitors to enjoy the place. The National Himalayan Winter Trekking Expedition is held in December at Dalhousie.


Dharamshala, also known as “Little Lhasa”, is a small village in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district. This quiet town is surrounded by the Dhauladhar Range. Its thick alpine vegetation and narrow streets make it a unique hill station in India. Another reason it is so popular is the large Tibetan community that made this their home. Dharamshala’s food, music, ambience, and atmosphere have been greatly influenced by their presence. You can visit this tourist attraction year-round because of its mild climate. However, it is best to visit during winter.


Winter is the best time to visit the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, and enjoy its attractions. Because of its colonial heritage and natural beauty, it is known as “The Scotland of the East”. You can visit Lady Hydari Park and Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures. Ward’s Lake is also a great place to see.


Ooty, a hill station in Tamil Nadu that is surrounded by the Nilgiris, is a popular tourist destination. Ooty was once a popular summer getaway for Britishers. You will find many remnants from the colonial period, such as St. Stephen’s Church. Winters bring mist to Ooty, giving it a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

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