Best Resident Evil films you need to watch!

Are you a fan of the fantasy sci-fi genre?

Have you watched any of the Resident Evil franchise films?

If you have not then we have the perfect list for you to start with!

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Some movie franchises become so popular over the time that they almost become classic films that every movie lover should watch. For instance the Batman film series or the Avengers have maintained a high spot in the best movies of all time and create a roar whenever a new one comes out. Similarly, Resident Evil too is one such franchise which has become so famous that it even spawned video games, merchandise and much more. But if you are yet to explore this franchise, we are going to list out a few of the best Resident Evil films for you to start with…

Resident Evil (2002) 

The first one is always iconic right? Paul W. S. Anderson’s first Resident Evil is a must watch for you to begin this franchise with. It introduces the audience to Alice who wakes up with no memory of who she is. What follows is an adventure and action-packed storyline which will definitely keep you hooked.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

The second film in the franchise too is one of the best ones to be made so far. This one is very close to the games and it also introduces the characters of Nemesis and Jill Valentine. This one too has amazing action-packed sequences and will surely give you the adrenaline rush that such a movie should offer!

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

The fifth instalment in the series, this one may have received a lukewarm response from the audience but fans surely loved every bit of it. The film saw the return of many characters while newer ones were introduced too. The combat sequences are decent enough and it does live up to its name.

Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017)

If you are into live action, then this one could surely be a good match for you. Written by Makoto Fukami and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto, this live action film has a lot of characters from the games and will be fun to watch for all you gamers out there!

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

The third movie in the franchise sees Alice after she has escaped from an Umbrella lab with new powers. The plot of the film may not be that fancy but if you start liking the franchise, you will not be disappointed by this one either!

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