Best Stanley Tucci movies to watch

Once you go Tucci, you can’t go back.

An actor who has transcended genes, birthed roles in a new light, stolen every scene they are in, Stanley Tucci is more than just an actor. Three decades of experience, the actor not only disappears in his roles but steals every scene he is in. You’d probably remember him from the gird your loins scene in The Devil Wears prada or even Easy A, but the actor’s onscreen career goes way beyond out timid years. From playing a murdering neighbor to a mischievous Puck, Stanley Tucci has range very few can have.

Here’s some of the best Stanley Tucci movies to watch.

Big Night

Starring alongside Tony Shalhoub, Big Night is a foodie film about 2 immigrant Italian brothers owns a restaurant in New York. We see a younger Tucci, very passionate about the authenticity of Italian cuisine. Set in 1950s the movie happens to be one of Tucci’s best work.


Stanley Tucci plays the role of the overwhelmed lawyer representing almost 80 paintiffs in a case. The movie is star laden with big names like Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Liev Schreiber but Tucci’s lawyer presents valuable tips to the reporters and the movie went to the Oscars and won many awards.

The Devil Wears Prada

In The Devil Wears Prada, Tucci stars as Nigel, creative director to a Vogue-like fashion magazine Runway. Nigel is fastidious as you would expect an art director at a prestigious magazine to be. But Nigel is also kind to the new assistant of Miranda Priestly.

The Lovely Bones

Tucci rarely stars in a villainous role. But that is until The Lovely Bones, Tucci plays the role of a serial killer responsible for murdering the character of Soairse Ronan. The excrutiating scene where Tucci’s character drags the girl into the lair is stone cold and unwatchable. Tucci plays the bespectacled killer with so much brilliance it landed him an Academy nomination.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The role of the adorable Puck in this Shakespearean play turned movie is played by Stanley Tucci. And yes, he plays it well like a Martian with tiny horns. The actor has the propensity to play the role of a mischief making sprite and jester pulling the strings on other characters causing much comedy.

Easy A

This Emma Stone starrer is a modern ay adaptation of a Scarlett Letter. Stanley Tucci plays the role of Stone’s father. Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are the laid back parents of Stone’ Olive. Stanley plays Dill, the understanding father who is liberal ad has wholesome family scenes in the kitchen.

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