Best Street Shopping Destinations in Thailand

Shopper’s paradise Thailand has notorious popularity for providing the best, affordable shopping experience that you need to find out now.

Thailand lets you browse through an impressive list of collectibles on its streets and alleyways. Let’s partake in the shopping hullabaloo.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: Colloquially known as JJ Green Market, Chatuchak has evolved as a must-visit market square. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Bazar is brimming with positive energy. Diversity in its merchandise collections pulls some 200,000 shoppers on a typical weekend. Once you walk through the alleyways numbered as Soi 1 etc., you are in a maze of stalls, art galleries, book stores and restaurants. For tourists, Chatuchak is definitely the best place to pick souvenirs, artworks, antiques and vintage accessories.

Pratunam Market: Brace yourself for the shopping spree at wholesale prices. Pratunam’s streets are congested with sellers, vehicles and shoppers bargaining for the giant bag of items. Shops flow over pavements and sidewalks. Shoppers hop the stalls to buy the latest, fashionable pieces and since the market is open 24*7, nothing sizzles down the shoppers.

Siam’s Square: Shoppers’ bliss Siam’s Square was originally a residential unit dotted by wooden houses. Today, the Square has breath-taking skywalks, shopping malls, basement aquariums, hotels, rooftop bars and street stalls. If you are visiting Thailand, keep a weekend free to immerse yourself in the sensuous shopping delights here. On the pavements, the collection of CDs, paintings, cutlery, clothes and shades offered by mini stalls are completely hoard-worthy.

Road-Fai Market: The open-air market thriving with its unique, vintage collection is a whiff of fresh air to escape from the city’s hustle-bustle. Be it stylish leather jackets, vintage French chandeliers or a 1950s Cadillac, Road Fai can amaze you throughout the evening. Do pay a visit to the Warehouse Zone where sellers let you bargain before wrapping up an old camera or perhaps Japanese anime toys.

Sampeng Lane: Indulge into the gala shopping experience of Chinatown Bangkok with the old city breathing nearby. Since the 17th century, Sampeng has thrived as the economic hub of Chinese community. The narrow, winding lanes crammed with stalls lined up with colourful merchandise fetch a wild thong even on the weekday mornings. The madness and ease with which the crowd flows here is part of Sampeng’s charm. While in the market, you may map your route based on the availability of wares. West section is for clothes and accessories; Centre for ceramics, paper products and kitchenware and East for jewellery, watches and shoes. After the day’s haul, bite on the local flavours for cheap, tasty street food is another hallmark of Sampeng.

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