Best Teams of Thai League Two

Over the past few months, we have written numerous articles about the Thai League One. However, we realised that the Thai League One also has a second-tier, which is known as the Thai League Two or the Thai League 2 M-150. We also realised that the amount of hard work by the clubs, players and staff are no less compared to their Thai League One counterparts. Therefore, here is this article about the best teams of the Thai League Two. 

Police Tero Football Club- Formerly known as the Police United club, the Police Tero Football Club was once managed by the Royal Thai Police Force. The club’s name was changed because, in 2017, the club was dissolved, leading to a merger with another club named BEC TeroSasana. At present, the club takes part in the Thai League One. However, there was a time when the Police United club dominated the Thai League Two. 

Since the club’s inception, the Police United club has picked up four titles in the Thai League Two. Therefore, in the history of the Thai League Two, the Police United club is the best team ever. Sadly, after gaining a promotion to the Thai League One, the club could not achieve much. 

BG Pathum United- BG Pathum United’s journey started as the Krung Thai Bank team that won the Thai League Two way back in the season of 1997/98. In 2003 and 2004, it won the Kor Royal Cup and till 2008; the club reached the group stages of the AFC Champions Cup frequently. However, in 2009, the club was sold to Bangkok Glass Football Club. 

Krung Thai Bank turned into Bangkok Glass played in several editions of the Thai League One until it got relegated to the Thai League Two in 2018. That was the year when Bangkok Glass (Krung Thai Bank) renamed itself BG Pathum United. In 2019, BG Pathum spent one year in the Thai League Two and won the league title to secure a promotion. In short, BG Pathum United (formerly Bangkok Glass Football Club and Krung Thai Bank) is one of the most successful teams in the history of the Thai League Two. 

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