Best technological discoveries of 2021

The development of human society depends largely on technologies.

You just cannot imagine your life without modern technologies. They have become an essential part of human lives. With every passing year, old technologies get replaced by new technologies. Here’s a list of the besttechnological discoveries of 2021.

Advanced sonograms for diagnosing heart disease:

Heart sonograms were available in the market for quite a long time. But, integrating this principle with artificial intelligence has brought a revolution in the medical field. In underdeveloped countries, there is a lack of sonograms and trained medical personals. Scientists have discovered handheld ultrasound devices with automated guiding technologies to users for capturing the condition of the heart.This device is equipped with modern machine-learning software that helps in regular checkups with your primarycare physician, at the same time, you can send the data to your physician immediately. This device will be beneficial for treating rheumatic heart disease.

Green hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels:

Scientists have been tried their best to replace fossil fuels. One possible replacement is the use of hydrogen. It is advantageous as it emits no carbon dioxide while burning. Therefore, it is a good alternative to restore fossil fuel and non-renewable energy sources. Since now the process of utilizing hydrogen as fuel was not much successful, but scientists have discovered some new technologies to use it efficiently in 2021. This hydrogen gas forming technology is useful and cheaper than solar energy cells. This type of use of hydrogen is called green hydrogen for a healthy lifestyle.

GPT-3, the largest device with reading and writing power:

It is a large natural-language computer model.It can learn to write and speak. This invention is truly a big step toward utilizing Artificial Intelligence.This is because it can understand and interact with the world in a better way. GPT-3 is regarded as the largest known literate device. You can train them based on books available on the internet. They can even mimic human-written text fluently. However, it does not understand what it is writing. Scientists are trying hard to make it more accessible.

Hyper-accurate positioning technologies for better navigation:

People often blame their GPS in mobile for inaccurate location. This problem can be overcome by Hyper-accurate positioning technologies.People use GPS every day,but today’s GPS is accurate to only within 5-10 meters. These newly formed new “hyper-accurate positioning technologies”provide accuracies within a few centimeters or even millimeters. This discovery will help in better navigation.

mRNA vaccines for curing various chronic diseases:

Vaccines are a must for treating lethal diseases. The most effective vaccines for coronavirus are based on mRNA technology. Several biotech companies started investigating the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine against coronavirus. It was found out that, this technology is much more effective than others. This technology has not been used in medical science before. mRNA technology holds great promises for treating other lethal diseases too. It can fix bad genes also.

Scientists are hopeful that these new technological discoveries will help in building a better society.

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