Thailand Nightlife: Amazing experiences one must try!

The thought of experiencing nightlife in Thailand is already giving you butterflies, I’m sure!

With endless spots to visit, Thailand nightlife with all its vibrant avatar will offer you a larger-than-life experience. The place is already known to be a paradise for socialites. For night owls like us, here’s a guide to tell you what all you can explore and not regret in life when in the country.

Foam Parties

A popular entertainment gateway, mostly popular in Pattaya. There’d be a pool full of foam and water, and you’d find yourself grooving ‘to the music and the vibrant lighting of the place. It will make you feel, like you’re in some cloud-nine, away from your daily life hustle-bustle.

Muay Thai Boxing

Amidst parties and nightclubs, this one thing will give you an entirely different experience. For those who are into sports, the Thai Boxing will definitely be one of the best experiences you’ll have in the Muay stadium. Live fights between local and international fighters will fulfil your WWE dream. Only on Wednesdays and Fridays will you be able to see these matches.Beach Parties

Perfect moonlight, soft music, a little dance and the sea waves! What else can be better than a night like this? The beach parties at Thailand are simply legendary, from watching the dusk to dawn, you will completely be in a trance mode.

Night Markets

The shopping scenes of Thailand are among the major attractions apart from beach parties and other entertainments. Street shopping during the evening will make you go gaga around the variety of options available to you, from clothing to souvenirs, to handcrafts and accessories. A great collection of culture and trendy items, might just make you fall short of money!

Night Safaris

N overall exciting experience of night safaris, will want you stay a night more in Thailand. There are generally open jeeps that take you to zoos which are open for night safari. You will get to see some exotic species that come out at night amidst the jungle. No worries, there’ll be a guide with you for your safety precaution, who will guide you up the mountains. Chiang Mai is the most popular city for night safaris, just to help you save your time choosing the best city for this sport.

Cultural Shows

Watching some flamboyant performance on Thai culture, is a different kind of serenity that Thailand will offer you. The rich art, literature and music will make you feel awe once you visit a cultural show at night in Thailand. This tradition of cultural performance has been continued for years to keep their rich heritage alive. Mostly held in Phuket and Bangkok, the show generally begins by 5.30pm.

Let’s hope to get the above list checked and done, when we visit the country next.

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