Best TV series spinoffs that you should watch

Some TV shows are liked by the audience. Then there are some shows which are loved so much that the producers decide to create their spinoffs. The need for spinoffs arise whenever a supporting character gets so much love from the audience that the creators feel the need to make a show with it in the lead.

TV shows have raised their standards in the last few decades and they are not behind cinema in any aspect. From the equipments used in making these shows to high-end budgets, these shows have it all. It is safe to say that storytelling in TV shows has improved a lot and that is the reason they are enjoying global success now. Whether you take the example of the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory or the superbly directed Sherlock, these shows will prove that they are not less than a proper cinema in terms of acting, shooting, editing and sound design. We have seen that TV shows get immense love and they enjoy huge success in various parts of the world so much so that creators make their spinoffs too. However, it is interesting to note that in some cases, the spinoffs enjoy much more popularity than the original shows. Let’s talk about some great spinoffs that you should watch.

Better Call Saul – Better Call Saul is probably the greatest spinoff series ever created. Yes, one can say that with total conviction. It is because the show has amazing writing and does not suffer from the lack of creativity, like many spinoffs. Apart from the totally loved main character, the show has given some really good characters which are loved by the fans. People used to consider Breaking Bad as a masterpiece used to swear by it but the creators of the show decided to use their experience to create an even better show which has made everyone crazy.

Joey – F.R.I.E.N.D.S is probably the most loved show in the history of television. It is still running in many countries and generations are loving it because it is evergreen. One of the lead characters on the show, Joey is widely loved by people around the world. The makers of the show decided to create a show called Joey with Matt Le Blanc in the lead to show the story Joey after the end of friends. This show, however, did not enjoy the same success as friends but it is a must watch for the show lover.

Fear the Walking Dead– The show is a spinoff of the show, The Walking Dead, which is widely loved for its unique portrayal of dystopian world and is a treat for the fans.

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