Best Valorant agents for Beginners

With a roster of 15 Agents, choosing the right one can be confusing.

Valorant’s 5v5 tactical FPS that has blown up with gamers. Riot Games have added five new agents to their roster of with their unique set of abilities. Each agent is powered by unique skill set and Ultimates which prove advantageous in the field while working with the entire team. Learning how to how them is a whole other story. Mastering them takes a steep learning and heavy hours of dedicated playing.

Choose these following agents, learn the basic mechanics and over time your opponents will cower when they face your abilities.

Phoenix – This Brit agent Phoenix is exactly what he sounds like – when downed, he has the ability Run It Down to rise up from his own ashes – hence the name. With fiery abilities that maches his personality, Phoenix is a Duelist and is easy to play. Since his setups rarely require map knowledge and more aboutbeing an entry fragger to engage enemies, Phoenix is a reliable agent for beginners. His Ultimate also helps him revive himself even if downed.

Brimstone – This American has orbital arsenal at his disposal. His boots-on-the-ground approach makes him a valuable asset to the team and provide much assistance needed. His smokes, molly and Stim Beacon guarantees allies with the support. His Ultimate Orbital Strike, that rips right after “Prepare for Hellfire” is devastating for opponents caught in the enormous laser shooting down from the sky. Any player with moderate FPS knowledge can play Brimstone.

Sova – A beginner player wanting to try their had at an Initiator can attempt Sova. His bow is a useful tool to gain intel and opponents location, even without proper aim. His Recon Bolt arrow can bounce off corners, gain info of opponents and force them to retreat or push. A recon drone that surveys the field is also super helpful while his Ultimate Hunter’s Fury lets his shoot three deadly arrows through walls at his adversaries.

Raze –If the beginner player wants a Duelist who is also an explosive expert, this Brazilian agent with a big personality and even bigger guns is the right choice. Her abilities are all about clearing out for the team to move in. Her Boom Bot can help clear lanes to push, toss a grenade to a hideout spot. Her Ultimate Showstopper fires a single-shot Rocket launcher that can easily destroy players caught in the radius.

Sage and Cypher are important additions to any team, but they need knowledge of the map and some strategic placement of their abilities, like walls and spycams. They are also good for beginners.

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