Best wartime romance movies to watch

It’s a wonder love can happen anytime.

There is a sort of symbolism there -wartime romance movies. Or is it ironic? There is something quite poetic in falling in love while there is a war raging outside. Wartime romance movies that show characters standing the test of time, bombs and death to find solace in the arms of another.

If you are a sucker for wartime romance movies, this list is definitely for you.

  1. Casablanca: The cult classic love story -wartime or not. This Bergman-Bogart onscreen chemistry has transcended over time and still gives goosebumps. “With the whole world crumbling, we pick this time to fall in love”. The movie is set in Morocco with World War 2 in the backdrop. Rick and Ilsa’s romance will keep you awake many a night. This is worth watching a thousand times over.
  2. Atonement: What can a misunderstood situation look like to an 11-year old? What can be the consequences? Atonement is everything its title suggests. Robbie and Cecilia’s romance is cut short by a grave misunderstanding. Robbie goes to jail and then to join the British Army, while Cecilia becomes a nurse, thereby bringing them together after many years. Watch it for the accredited cinematography that is quite pleasing to the eye and the ending twist. You won’t leave dry-eyed, that’s for sure.
  3. Pearl Harbour: Pearl Harbour is the fictional tale of two young pilots, who also happen to be the best of friends, and a nurse. Putting a personal love story in a historical event just makes it more relatable. The movie comprises stellar cast and excellent storytelling. It is a sappy love story but really gets the tears flowing.
  4. A very long engagement: The movie follows a young woman in search of her fiancé. The First World War is the backdrop of the movie. The horrors of war, the tone is sombre, the brutality of the end of a few lives set against the desperate plight of a young woman looking for her long-lost love. Audrey Tautou’s performance is brilliant, and her journey makes the movie worth watching.
  5. Cold mountain:

This movie brings together a great cast -Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Renee Zelwegger, Natalie Portman and Charlie Hunnam. Set during the time of the Civil War, the movie is based in North Carolina. The love story has been kept alive through letters, Zelwegger adds to the lightheartedness of the movie. It is both assuring and heartbreaking at the same time.

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