Best Ways To Remove Acrylic Nails Without Any Damage

Here is the trick to removing acrylic nail paint at home without any expensive tools.

Remember that the health of your natural nails may be impacted regardless of how gently you remove the acrylics or how properly the technician put them in the first place. But if the acrylic procedure is done slowly, it may be nearly damage-free. If you want your acrylics out quickly and easily without damaging your nails, just follow these techniques recommended by nail technicians.

Filing Them Down

Since acrylic covers the entire nail, you must file the whole surface down to a thin layer rather than just the top edge. File as much of the plastic product as possible using a high grit file. A decent file is required for this task; an emery paper would not suffice. Find a nail file with a grit of 100 (coarse enough to cut down the acrylics’ surface) or a nail drill.

Soak Them

Soaking the fingers in 100% acetone toenail polish stripper for as long as it requires to disintegrate the substance after the acrylic has already been filed down as far as possible.

You may accomplish this in a few different ways. Putting cotton soaked in acetone over each nail and then wrapping the entire finger in foil. This approach is the best one. If it doesn’t work, try dipping your fingertips in acetone. Although the bowling approach is quite harsh on your body and takes longer.

We recommend merely dipping the tips of your nails into the bowl to prevent drying out all the skin on your fingers and hands. Acetone is very flammable and irritating to the respiratory system; use it only in a well-ventilated location.

Scrape Or Buff

The nails should be examined after being soaked with acetone. After twenty seconds or so, scrape off the melted acrylic with an orange pencil or cuticle pusher. Be gentle with the last tiny bits of acrylic that could be there. If any tricky acrylic parts remain after filing.

Although acrylic isn’t inherently harmful to nails, it can damage your natural ones over time. If you’re an acrylic addict, your nails will thank you if you take a week off every month. For that time, keep your nails from splitting by applying a single strengthening treatment such as this hydrating oil developed by a nail artist.

To give them the royal treatment, covering your nails with cuticle oil and cuticle cream and then wrapping each hand in a warm towel for five minutes. The end result is quicker time to more robust, sharper nails.


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