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Best Winter Flowers To Add Color To Your Garden

Winter flowers will add the gorgeousness of color to your garden.

Winter may seem a little sad as the colors of the summer blooms fade. However, a gloomy winter could be turned around by planting some of the gorgeous winter flower plants. Your snow covered garden can definitely bloom in the winter and how! Annual flowers, flowering shrubs and perennials do not wait for the spring to flower and show off their gorgeous colors. There are flowers that bloom in the winter and add color beyond the snowy white and lifeless backdrop. Here are a few winter flowers that you should plant in your garden to give it life and color during the chill.


Most of the varieties of primrose are more of summer and spring blooming plants. However, the Chinese, English and fairy variants of the primrose plant are known to bloom in the winter season. Make sure top plant the winter primroses where they will get the maximum amount of sunlight especially if you live in extremely cold climate. In case you live in a mild climate, a spot that receive sunlight partially will also do. Primroses are best kept in containers to avoid them from catching frost. The color range of this flowering plant is unimaginable. They come in beautiful shades of white, purple, blue, red, orange, pink and yellow.


Also known as pot marigold, the calendula plant will brighten up your garden in the winter. These plants bloom the best starting late in the fall season all the way through into the spring. These beautiful, orange-ish yellow flowers can be cut and kept fresh in vases for a long period of time. You can also get varieties of color in the calendula plant ranging from cream to soft orange to buttery yellow. Make sure to plant them soils that are well-drained and in full sunlight. As for watering, calendula plants need moderate levels of watering.


Pansies are perennial flowers but are usually planted as winter annuals. The pansy plant is a hybrid created from crossing different varieties of violas. These plants can thrive in temperatures below 32 degrees and bloom very well through winter. They have wide variety of colors and color combinations that would make your garden look like a floral heaven. However, pansies don’t take rain too well. So, avoid them if you live in a region that sees heavy rainfall.

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