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Best World Restaurants To Visit In Mexico

From fine dining to street food, Mexico City's culinary scene has never been more dynamic.

To provide just one example, you may have excellent street tacos for lunch and then a refined omakase meal at Pujol. Every time you visit Mexico City, there's a new and exciting restaurant to try.


Chef Enrique Olvera, who attended Harvard Culinary Institute of America, runs the Mexican restaurant Pujol and is also responsible for the food served in Aeromexico's first-class cabins.

El Mural de los Poblanos

This might be one of the most excellent Mexican birthday restaurants if you're seeking a place to celebrate in a quiet, elegant setting. El Mural de Los Poblanos, hidden from the street in a beautiful colonial courtyard filled with plants, is a fine dining establishment known for its authentic poblano cuisine.

The Quintonil

The tasting menu at Quintonil, one of Mexico's finest restaurants. Fresh, genuine, and overflowing with taste, just like the Mexican green herb of the same name that appears in several of the meals and beverages here at this restaurant. Locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of Chef Jorge Vallejo's cuisine, highlighting Mexico's culinary excellence.

Casa de la Troje

Casa de la Troje is a wine bar and restaurant in a 225-year-old sandstone home filled with art, antiques, and incredible charm. Here, you may sip wines from all over Mexico and sample cuisine from different parts of the nation. A hidden gem for foodies and vino connoisseurs, this restaurant is one of Mexico's finest for a romantic evening out.


K'u'uk (which means "sprout" in Mayan) is widely considered among Mexico's finest restaurants and boasts one of the country's most comprehensive wine lists. Around 300 of the over 500 labels are from Mexico, ranging from old vintages that are nearly impossible to locate to huge collections from South America and Spain. At K'u'uk, housed within a refurbished mansion, restaurateur Pedro Evia goes much more molecular, with gorgeously plated interpretations of Mayan staples.

Alejandro Ruiz

Centrally located in Oaxaca, Alejandro Ruiz's highly regarded restaurant and hotel celebrate the city's many tastes. Yellowfin tuna ceviche with slivers, prickly pear, or charcoal-grilled chile molasses is just some of the crowd-pleasers that Ruz, a global ambassador again for Oaxacan cuisine, serves up in the cozy setting of a historic home from the 18th century.

Crème de almeja 

Locally caught fish and traditional crème de almeja (clam soup) characterize the cuisine & seafood culture of a Northwest area of Mexico, making this restaurant stand out as one of the best in the country.