Published By: Sreyanshi

Beware of these 7 draining habits!

You will be surprised to know that your daily habits soak up most of your energies draining you dry! Here’s how to avoid that!

Your daily routine and mundane jobs take up most of your energy and you not only become exhausted it also majorly affects your productivity, making you less efficient at your job. Once you understand how important your energy is, you’d know why you should really avoid such draining habits that soak your energy and hampers your work.

First we have to understand what is energy? It is our very ability to perform our jobs, to work. All of us require a certain amount of physical stamina, mental stability and emotional strength to complete our work successfully within a given amount of time. And energy is not infinite; it is a resource that comes with its limits. We cannot pour out all our energies into doing non work and expect our mind and body to function efficiently. Our energy will slowly drop and reduce in volume as much as we spend it. So if we keep on wasting it, on unnecessary things, we will lose ourselves, our ability to be ourselves.

This is the very reason we feel exhausted and tired after meeting a bunch of people. If you feel out of energy, spending it on people who did not help you or your journey in anyway, you’d be wasting that energy because then, you will not have any energy to do anything. After you wake up, your energy levels are high which helps you make decisions faster, better! And slowly as the day goes by your decision fatigue starts to emerge and your mental resource decreases and you start to feel fatigued.

When we feel physically exhausted or emotionally drained we face the same result. There are certain habits that gets us into this energy drainage!

This is the sole reason why we should focus on protecting ourselves from these draining activities and save our energies.  If we are aware about some of these habits and refrain from engaging into them it will save us enormous amounts of energies.

There are a few major energy draining habits that we better be cautious of:

  1. Trying to please others
  2. Lacking in self love
  3. Holding on to resentment
  4. Worrying or overthinking
  5. Using social media uncontrollably
  6. Unregulated sleep patterns
  7. Unhealthy eating habits
Let us avoid these seven habits and we can literally feel the difference in our own body.