BFF Goals: Movies celebrating female-friendships you can’t miss for real

Fun is not just what girls want.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is a standing testament on how reunions can go a little out of hand. But it also shows when we women are with our BFF’s, things are meant to go out of hand. Because female friendships are not always a spa day. Sometimes, it’s driving miles and being ourselves.

These curated movies majors in female-friendships and are a must-watch.

  1. Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw and her friends take on New York, take on Dubai and apart from being fabulous, show how strong their friendship is. They are their own personalities, their own view of life, they have their own Mr Big, but at the end of the day, they have each other, even when they are downright non-fabulous.
  2. Little Women: Greta Gerwig’s phenomenal adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel is a story of sibling love, familial bonds and perseverance. Throw in Gerwig’s feminist take on it, and you have Jo March talking about being a writer in the 1800s. The little women are not little anymore at the end, but they have raised each other up, and with each other.
  3. Thelma and Louise: Docile housewife and a free bird waitress are friends. Ridley Scott’s movie still remains one of the memorable road movies, where two women are on a run for a legal misunderstanding. There’s a road trip; there’s Brad Pitt, there are scenes of the long road ahead and better than all, this female-friendship orientated movie has stood the test of time. If you haven’t watched it yet, clear your schedule. Get the female vibes right!
  4. Queen: Rani’s solo travel to international borders was daunting. As a part of a conservative family, it is not easy for a woman turned down by her fiancée to go backpacking around Europe. But Rani’s relationship with Vijaylakshmi, their bond, Rani’s letting go of her inhibitions and ranting about her past trauma of abandonment to Vijay shows how strong female friendships really are. Vijay brings out the part in Rani which existed all along.

Bend it like Beckham: We hear stories about two girls fighting over a boy, and it is very true for this movie. But the beauty part is they let go of that for the bigger picture: they have football to play. And even a bigger picture: it’s not worth losing your BFF for a man. Teenagers, take note!

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