Bhringraj Oil: Benefits of an ancient ayurvedic hair treatment

Do you want to know the secret to hair growth and healthy hair? Read on to find out!

Bhringraj oil is extracted from a plant called false daisy, and, due to its hair growth properties, it is highly recommended by Ayurveda. Apart from the hair benefits, the oil has gained popularity due to its ease in producing at home, even though it can found at online and offline stores.

The vitamins and minerals found in this oil are vitamin E and D, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

The benefits of using Bhringraj oil on your hair are:

  • Hair growth

The most important benefit of this oil is reducing hair fall and aiding in hair growth. The nutrients in the oil widen the blood vessels, thus, improving blood flow to the roots. It activates the hair follicles that promote hair growth and treats baldness. Additionally, the cooling effect of the oil also reverses stress-related hair fall. Apply the oil in a circular motion on your scalp and leave it overnight.

  • Reduction in dandruff

Bhringraj oil’s properties give it ease to penetrate your scalp, which treats dry, itchy scalp, dandruff and greasy flakes. For best results, apply some oil on your scalp, wrap your head in a warm towel and reapply the oil to make it penetrate deeper. For dandruff treatment, before washing your hair, massage some lime juice in the morning.

  • Prevents early greying of hair

Premature greying is mainly genetic, but reports have said that the oil prevents or slows down the greying process of your hair. The oil has darkening properties, which colours your hair naturally making it look less grey.

  • Relaxing benefits

If you have difficulty in sleeping at night, then apply Bhringraj oil to your hair. The properties will reduce your stress, thus, helping you get a peaceful sleep all night. It is also reported to treat migraines and acute headaches.

  • Shiny nourished hair

The oil will work on those split ends, improving the overall quality of your hair. You can create your own conditioner by mixing the oil with amla and coconut oil.

Warm up the oil, apply it overnight and wash the next day. You can use it twice a week initially and reduce to once a week when you start to see its results. Alternatively, you can massage the oil in the morning before washing your hair. However, remember to leave it on for at least an hour.

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