Bicycle-The Healthiest Mode of Transport

Cycling- the ideal mode of transportation to opt for to juggle both professional life and fitness simultaneously.

When it comes to living a healthy life, we must stop at nothing. Even though our lifestyle has forced us into a routine that uses only brainpower, we must keep our bodies in perfect fitness always.

Striving to take time out for a workout in your timetable? Well, we got it sorted. Use up your travel time and cycle on the way to work instead. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Here is why switching to cycling will not only profit your health but also contribute to the environment.

  • Burning calories-

You will be surprised to know that cycling alone burns up to 400 calories per hour. If you are a regular cyclist, you will not have to worry about drawing a health chart or avoiding the extra slice of pizza. The complete toning of your thigh muscles and strengthening your lungs is going to boost your physique at best.

  • Boosting your health-

Paddling about an hour takes you far from generic ailments like diabetes and cardiac arrest. Records say that people who were recommended to adapt to cycling as a mode of transport developed higher immunity than those with a deskbound lifestyle.

  • Improves your mental health-

This is no rocket science that cycling and seeing your stamina improve every day is going to enhance your cerebral health. The fresh air gushing on your face is going to keep you off pondering about your office stress, and you will eventually learn to balance out your professional life and fitness.

  • Savings-

Using a cycle is not only advantageous for your body but is also economical. The soaring petrol and diesel prices will not alarm you anymore once you get comfortable commuting via cycle. Not just work, you can take a fresh morning ride in clean air to rejuvenate your mind and body.

  • Social Life-

Cycling is going to unite you to people who commute the same way and is going to build your social circle. You don’t have to worry about cycling alone anymore as probably you are going to relive your school days again where you cycled in a group with your friends.

  • Eco friendly-

By switching your mode of transport to the bicycle, you are also contributing towards the environment from your side. From reducing global pollution to relieving traffic jams, you are definitely paving a better future for the world.

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